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    Another thing to look for: At the time I retired the Classification was GS-1670-11 Equipment Specialist (Aircraft) or (Avionics) or (Propulsion) etc. We, at one point, were even classidied GS-1711-11 Training and Education. You won't find the positions listed as AFETS though.
  2. Hahahahaha That's great. That would be quite the conversation piece for the rec room. What are they asking for it?
  3. Well, I certainly wouldn't describe us as rich! My Dad drove a city bus and Mom clerked at a Department store. I had two older brothers and my folks did own the small two bedroom house the five of us lived in. I don't remember us ever really suffering, but I never thought us rich. When I say many times, that's many times over many years. No we weren't in a position to be shopping and lunching every weekend.
  4. Wow...where was supervision? Home in bed? I'd say that called for demanding hanger time. Troops safety first.
  5. I'll tell you too. Being able to tune in some music on the ADF when working an all night problem or just waitin for parts, the truck, etc. sure was nice.
  6. Talk about CB 19. There have been incidents, I heard tell (maybe even seen tell), usually mid shift incidents, when the 18 wheelers rolling down Del U.S. 113, passed Dover AFB, would get a "Breaker-Breaker 1-9" that would peg their meters and darn near knock their doors off once in a blue moon. That always seem to raise a stink with Comm Sqdn Freq managers. Always got a "Holy Sh-- what was that?" out of the truckers too.
  7. I remember menus like that. Had plenty of Saturday lunch's at Woolworths while shopping with Mom. 1960's Pleasant Valley Shopping Center, Altoona, Pennsylvania.
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    Here's how you work the system. Pull down the announcement and study it carefully. Look for the keywords throughout it. When building your resume be sure to incorporate as many of those keywords as you can. ie; Developed training plans, performed or inspected or whatever TCTOs or Tech Order verifications. Analysed, trended, troubleshot etc problem aircraft or chronic aircraft malfunctions. Just follow the lead of the announcement for those keywords. Again, the selection software picks up keywords that match between the position announcement and your resume. Also, DO NOT FORGET to check the box for Veterans Preference. That's 5 points over a resume without and I have seen a number of guys and gals who didn't take it and failed to get the job. Good Luck...It's a great job and you can do a lot of good. And Tiny will be able to fill you in on what's currently going on.
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    I retired in Jan 2007 after 38 years with the Force. Twenty-one of those years I was an Avionics AFETS rep on C-5s at Dover. Back then each Base posted openings with their Personnel Office. The jobs were advertised locally Merit promotion first. Meaning current base civilians had the first shot. If no one was found qualified the position would then go AF wide. Today it seems you apply on USA Jobs.com for a generic Air Force wide AFETS position and they hold that in a database, to be selected from when an AFETS position actually opens somewhere. Now I know this will sound weird, but trust me. The personnel system software actually does a significant portion of the selection by qualification. "Meaning"...I knew a Lockheed Tech Rep, applied for comparable slot but as an AFET, yet he was not even ruled eligible to even be placed on the list based on their application. However an Army tank electrician was.
  10. The aircraft in the drawing was too old. 1953-54 A-Models predated the Canadian Marconi APN-147 Doppler, ASN-35 Nav Computer the B and E models carried. Reference the drawing, on E models the Doppler Radome would be forward, between the VHF Comm Ant and the bottom TACAN Ant. It looked like the UHF ant illustration bt turned 90 degrees.
  11. I couldn't do it from here, but it worked when I got it from MILAIRPIX.com. Very cool! Thanks Tiny.
  12. ""i had extra ones, and someone threw them out for preparation for an inspection. "" God I hated it when that would happen. And the clowns that would clean the place out would almost always be some guy/gal who wouldn't be caught dead working a job anyway. If they worked they would have appreciated the need.
  13. Hope you sell it before the next big wind comes around. (No not hurricane. Just the next big wind.) Looks like something Frannie Mae or Freddie would shell out $225,000 for!
  14. "Box of candy and a potted plant" Remember. You are dealing a lot of "old timers" here. I did mean using the towel for helping with the dishes, but confess I'm also guilty of misusing it from time to time. It does just seem so well designed for "man" grime.
  15. Originally Posted by jetcal1 It's doesn't count when asking her if she wants help with the housework! Some would argue it counts all the more when offering to help, and more so when actually helping with housework! There are times when using a dish towel carries more weight the a box of candy or a potted plant.
  16. I'm with you Tiny. Over 1970-71, Taiwan, "soldered" in two APN-22 Radio Low Altitude Altimeter Receiver mounts and one ASN-35 Nav Computer mount. Spliced in two other ASN35 mounts. One with crimp splices temp fix. The other solder splices. Pilates and Yoga have nothing over the contortions those jobs put a body through. Still feel the burns my fingers took too. Solderless contacts one of world's greatest inventions.
  17. It just looks so "Euro". Just waiting for the powder blue berets and the "man purses". FuFu La Favre is here to fly and fight. Qui Qui (Wee Wee)
  18. You guys need to treat your women better. Then maybe you'll just hear more of my favorite woman's retort "Yes.....Oh My God YES"
  19. The Avionics Bay under the Flight Deck was always the "Hell Hole". Spend an hour or more, or run in and out of it a half dozen times and you'll understand. Knee, head, and back killer. Uniform and skin ripper (corners and safety wire pigtails). Oh yeah Pigtails - the quarter to half inch, 6 to 8 twists, safety wire end securing LRUs in their racks. Jesus Clips - the little C-clips that would snap onto the end of various shafts. They got the term (Jesus) because that was the clean word uttered everytime they went flying off somewhere. TTU-205 pitot tube hose adapters have been called donkey dicks pretty much everywhere as well. I saw the the Arkansas panel mentioned. The C-5 has a panel named for a State also. The Texas panel.
  20. Certainly. If your guys fixed the problem, that crew would have nothing to bitch about. It's always more satisfying to pi-- and moan about "things" not being right. 7 minutes....ridiculous.
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