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  1. Anyone have the Lockheed serial number of the new L-100J demo bird?
  2. Hercinherit, I have a hand written letter signed by your dad that he sent along with an unbound 30th edition, which I had bound. If you would like the letter just PM me your address to this website. I thought a lot of Lars and how much he meant to the C-130 community. RIP Lars. Bill
  3. Your animation of the C-130 ramp and door is incorrect. The cargo door does not lower WITH the cargo ramp as in your animation. You should look at the ramp and door opening and closing operation on a real C-130. This would give you more info to help you design your unloader. The ramp angle when lowered is much sharper in real life and you need a transition ramp such as the vehicle ramps carried on most C-130's which attach to the edge of the ramp for vehicle loading/ unloading.Just a few details I noticed while looking at your clip. Good Luck.
  4. Where are these straps located and what are their measurements? What model C-130 are they on?
  5. Wow Don, never seen that before! Been on the ramp in flight before but never thought about hanging out in space. Couple of wild and crazy guys as old Steve martin used to say. Thanks for sharing .
  6. The reporter made more of it than it really was, like they were not strapped in. Those two had their monkey straps on and pulled tight. No problem look at me in my profile picture. I'm on the ramp of my Herk with my legs hanging off Wheeee having fun in Viet Nam!! Bill
  7. Just read in "Defense News" the reason the Navy Herk went down last year was a cracked prop blade that broke off and hit the aircraft. The report said the crack was not properly treated in depot where it was discovered. New procedures are in place. This is what they mean when they say "military regs" are written in blood. Very true in many cases. Sad. Bill
  8. Wonderful to see this rare bird going to a good home. To bad she couldn't have found a place at Robins AFB and been restored. Went inside the bird while it was still at Lockheed and I worked there. It was pretty well complete except for the rockets. Would love a bunch of pictures posted on this web site when she is complete. My hat is off to you guys in NY. Bill
  9. I think about a year. Bill
  10. Nice. love those 8 blades
  11. Go Ghost Rider!! Nothing gets the bad guys attention like a Herk overhead with a big gun blazing away! Bill
  12. Mt. crewchief I noticed the brake change pictures is a single disk brake. The TCTO that put multiple disk brakes on The E's was a huge bonus for crew chiefs. We never got them on the A's and B's during Viet Nam. Did they change them after the A's and B's went to the Guard and Reserve? The single disk's were a crew chief's worst nightmare. What a bunch of leakers. Was on E's at Pope before Clark and the multiple disk's were sweet! Bill
  13. Ice tires on the C-130 mains had thousands of tiny stainless wires molded into the tire tread which stuck out of the tires to catch the ice. We must have had the largest supply of them at Cam Ranh Bay... ice in CRB, go figure. EVERY time my bird had a main tire change they dropped off an ice tire. We didn't have a lot of trick stuff there, like gloves, to handle the tires with. Your hands ended up looking like hamburger after your rotation was over. I was stationed at Dover after my Clark/ Cam Ranh tour and and we sent the C-133's to the bone yard and I never saw ice tires there but man I saw plenty of ice. Bill
  14. Good question for @GVS since on most boneyard flights even some 780 equipment is removed for home base shortages and the extra mechs on board were possibly going to bring some hard to get black boxes, parts ,etc. back to P.R. for the remaining birds. Never heard of hauling cargo to the boneyard. Sure hope it wasn't a prop problem like on the Navy "T" that took lives a while back. RIP and prayers for the families. Bill
  15. Yeah, also heard Sonny was going to give a demo of changing ice tires bare handed while eating C rations without the white spoon on that A model. ha ha. Bill
  16. Might want to rethink using the milk stool for supporting the aircraft for all four engine removal as the milk stool is used to support the ramp for cargo loading, not for maintenance. There is a pad to the left of the tail skid that is meant to be used to place a specific made jack stand to support the aircraft during engine removal. Don't remember the T.O. that references this but it's there.
  17. Tiger I asked this question a few years back and our good friend Bob Daily answered. He said there was little to no difference in them. TC-130 may not have had SKE or satcom or secure voice radios. That was about it. Bill
  18. What? The Navy's T uses the same prop as the AF's H. Why aren't the H's grounded if they think the prop caused the crash ? It sounds like the Navy can't figure out the cause so hey, lets put a new prop on them and say we fixed the cause of the crash. What did the investigation board find out about the cause of the crash? Bill
  19. This makes my head hurt to read junk like this. The A and B model had (news paper calls it compressed oxygen gas) we called it GOX ,gaseous oxygen ,and the E forward uses LOX, liquid oxygen (So the non-airplane Folks know ) . The airplane not being pressurized among other things, probably is what caused my head to hurt during flight, ha ha! Glad the new ones are pressurized for the young folks now. Bill
  20. Thanks Casey for renaming the C/N Pic Gallery the" Bob Daily C/N Gallery " in memory of Bob ,a class act. Bill
  21. Good job of digging up that info RC. I looked up the FSN but got a bunch of mash mash info. We had a couple of weird winch kits in my day, one was for removing the aft cargo door in the field. Bill
  22. What a huge loss. I knew Bob from e mails and through this site. What a true American son. He was the core of what made America great. Bob will be greatly missed by all of us on this website. A wealth of C-130 knowledge is lost. God bless his family and may his soul rest in peace. Thank you Bob for all you have given to our country. Bill
  23. Hey MSgt Rock, I got to Sewart in May 1963 and was assigned to the wash rack for 30 days as was the rest of the guys fresh out of tech school. I remember the huge " belly brush" on wheels that we used to scrub the goop off the belly of the birds. And yes we used JP-4 on rags to get the grease and hyd fluid off those dirty birds. I was in the 18th TCS on the A models with Msg. Wysocki as flt chief. Did 2 rotations to Clark on A models. Ended up from 65-66 as a scanner flying in the school squadron on brand new E models. THAT was some great duty !
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