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  1. As I said, the JEDMICS drawing shows no holes.
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    I know, not a C130, but the roll is impressive about 1 minute into the video. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yhslurKZulA
  3. I checked my rescinded TCTO list and didn't find anything. They haven't changed the drawing either, and I checked the J-model IPB, it's the same.
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    Yes, I remember Orsini's as well. Had a 5 course dinner there, and with the wine and all it was about 10 bucks a head, and very good.
  5. Just updated my bio as well. Never went out to the Legion, but went to the R&G Club quite a few times. Couldn't beat the $2.95 for a dozen escargot and the cheap beer. There was a guy there that used to perform Cat Stevens' songs, he was pretty good, or maybe that was the beer.
  6. Phantom, I was at Ramstein for 6 years, 2001-2007, Rhein Main for 4 years, 1977-1981, and Spangdahlem for 4 years, 1969-1973. I Love Germany, but I don't think I will ever fly that far on an airplane again. Prost!!
  7. OK, here's why I think the fuse is blowing, or at least a feasable explaination. Of course, this may be all crap I just made up. When you quickly bump the switch, the voltage in the motor winding keeps builds up, then collapses, builds up, collapses. When voltage in a coil collapses, its polarity is reversed. So, get lucky and bump quickly enough, and you have +28VDC going into a coil with a negative voltage on it. Since the left side is used much more that the right side on a normal basis, and this has been done over many years, I think the left side 4 gauge wire has broken down somewhere and can't handle that current load caused by the switch bumping. 1. Tell the Loadies to stop bumping the switch or you'll paint their leather jackets with shiny black radome paint. 2. You could swap the 4 gauge wire at the fuses and C1 of the power relays. That will tell you if the wire is good. Even if both of them won't reach, you should be able to use one of those wires on the other system. 3. Install a 100 amp limiter and the exact problem will undoubtedly surface. Keep an extinguisher handy.
  8. Yea, and I'm sure it's in writing somewhere, in someone's desk, but he died 20 years ago. Good idea to use epoxy, but back then, they may not have had the two part poly type they use today. But, I don't think our German friend was talking about Talons. They keep getting old E's in to replace the AWADS birds at Ramstein, and they are coming in with both color radomes. The gray radomes have a mist coat over the poly coating is all. Wiedersehen, Phantom. Bitte Ein Bit!! And if it ain't broke, keep fixin' it 'til it is broke.
  9. Sorry, my bad. 1C-130A-23- Any anti-static and rain-erosion coating on radomes and antennas shall be performed per TO 1-1-24. MIL-C-83231, Type II, Class A or B coating shall be used. Mil-C-83231A, superseded by SAE-AMS-C-83231; Class B, Polyurethane prepolymers which are dependent on moisture of high relative humidity for curing. Type I- Rain erosion resistant coating. Type II- Antistatic rain erosion reslstant coatIng. The class B, type II coating kit shall consist of all the components required for the class B, type I kit plus the antistatic polyurethane vehicle and the catalyst when applicable.
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    My best trips were to Helenikon AB, Greece, and staying in Glyfada.
  11. All I'm going to say is that the black coating is a urethane rain erosion coating.
  12. pjvr99, He already swapped out the retriever, that pretty much takes that motor out of the picture. Circuit breakers and fuses are there to protect the wiring, not the component. I don't think it's a supply issue. Physically check the power wires from the retrievers to the fuses. There could be a chafed wire along the way.
  13. What year model is this aircraft? I'll look at it again on Monday, but I'm not seeing anything as a culprit. Tell them to quit bumping it.
  14. Never heard of it happening before, but I'm a pointy head. Are both of them doing it? I'm more inclined to go with the retriever itself, but you may have changed it (them) out already. I am also assuming you checked/cleaned the ground for the retriever.
  15. You mean the valve housing? There\'s a handle for that, HS5777 listed in the old B-2-11. I see no mention of a sling anywhere, or any lone procedure for removing the pump housing by itself.
  16. There is a whole lavatory that you could put on cargo aircraft referred to above, NSN 4510-01-080-5922. But I doubt that is what you are looking for. [img size=552]http://www.herkybirds.com/images/fbfiles/images/portable_lav.JPG
  17. What they need to do is modify the level trasmitter so it doesn\'t come on unless it\'s 4 quarts low, or just disable it. There i go with that crazy talk again...
  18. You know, back that long ago in Germany, crew chiefs took the Radome off for us, so I don\'t remember what was used. We had a stand/dolly at Pope, the \'Dorf and Ramstein.
  19. I have the drawing for the regular C130 radome sling. Maybe with a little modification, you can make it fit yours. Just let me know, I\'ll need a good email address, so message me.
  20. It appears the problem may be fixed. The guys at the Rock found a loose ground lug coming off of Pin A on the small plug on the N-1 compass ME-1 amp. Without the ground, the 26 VAC that comes from the ECA (shown in the side left of the previous diagram) that feeds pin B of that same connector on the ME-1 amp, won\'t supply voltage across the synchro to send a compass signal to the RADAR. Hoo-rah to thorough technicians.
  21. I\'ll buy you a Bit the next time I see you.
  22. Anyone know how many times they did the C130 landing and take off on the Forrestal and if there was any mechanical assistance?
  23. I never went on a night mission in Greece with the APQ122-V8, and I sure wouldn\'t with the 241. As usual, my hat\'s off to the Talon Drivers. We didn\'t have NVG\'s back then either.
  24. NSN is 5985-00-757-8981, p/n 5-88154-4. They are XB3, and will make some nice beer cans. Wow, I was impressed. They must be about 12 feet long, and have a mount for the coupler inside. AC-130U? Don\'t they have the HF antenna rods in the L.E. of the tail like the H3s?
  25. I would call that a drastic hardware change, with the addition of a vertical antenna drive section.
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