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  1. I agree! Keep your paper cert's for personal souvenier purposes. The date stamp of issue is just wrong! Kurt
  2. airnav

    MAC Purse

    The "MAC Purse" is/was nothing more than a comparable version of those geeky DayTimer organizers's that you see for sale at Staple's, and other REMF supply stores. In reference to the MAC Purse, I can't help but laugh my ass off at how the "power's-that-be" want to increase our individual organizational method's, only to have a by-product of confusion by just staying with what works. Give me my flight bag, and TOLD pouch any day. Kurt
  3. You might try grainger.com I seem to recall that they carried a converter (this was 12 years ago.......) aircraftspruce.com may also be of some assistance. I'm at home with this flu crud, so after my sleep cell I'll check into some more avenues for you. Kurt
  4. Hey Jim! It's me Kurt.... I remember this op. The navy bubble-head school at New London might be able to help. Check into any type of "historian" they may have. From the years and location, I'm sure they could come up with the name of the sub......from there it will be an easy search because almost every sub/ship has an association that you can inquire with. Hope this help's! Kurt
  5. Welcome! You will have a great time on this site, and we look forward to hearing from you. Have Dan Wilson adopt you and your career will flourish! Kurt
  6. From our family to all of you on the Herkybirds site, and the troop's that protect us, we want to wish everyone a safe and happy Thanksgiving holiday! Stay safe, and please keep in mind that our table (and my wet bar) will alway's be open to all....... It is because of you, that we have the freedom to be with family and share love and cheer. Thank you! Kurt and Family
  7. I'm going back a few year's on this one, but I seem to recall that the USAF C-9's and 737 VIP aircraft had "flight mechanic's" as part of the crew compliment. What was the AFSC and/or background to be aircrew in this capacity? I also recall (circa 1990-92) some heavy Pentagon in-fighting about placing navigator's on the above mentioned aircraft, whenever they were to fly into so called "haphazard" theatre's. LOL! What was a nav going to do? Sit in the jump seat with a clipboard and a stopwatch? Kurt
  8. Making a donation! Our family is with your's..... Please advise of any help/assistance needed! Kurt, Danette, and Family
  9. I was having a good day until I read this........ Just WTF is an Air Force Achievement Medal for Valor anyway? It's a joke! When the UAV operator's were getting Air Medal's it ruined my appreciation for my own Air Medal's. I sure am glad that I am retired, and don't have to put up with this kind of B.S.. I am embarrased for the crew. A damn shame! The Air Force Achievement Medal is nothing more than a glorified merit badge for an adult! Kurt
  10. ......and add $5 to 8 million for a "feasibility study" in order to prove that these J model's are "satisfactory" to the the AFSOC inventory. Wait until 2012 and you will see the big order placed. By that time the F-22 will be comming out of the Obama hatchet-sheath and the fight for the J will start all over again. OMG......I forgot about AF Space Command. They will have to fight for their share of a budget cut as well. Merrrill McPeak will also need a new room addition to his Colorado vacation home........need I go on? Kurt
  11. Yep! Badges are badge's.......period! In layman's terms they are to represent qualification. I don't agree with the criteria; however that is another subject. A medal is a medal, that not only accompanies a citation, but a set of orders. A medal also benefit's the recipient to promotional point's. I guess I could go on and on. You can't buy a full size medal at clothing sales, but "badges" are in abundance! Kurt
  12. Gotta' love it! What was the EC-130 menu? Kurt
  13. Ahhhh.......I needed a fifth cup of coffee for this one! I went into my old flight bags and pulled up a plate. It is Utapao. I thought I recognized the munitions storage area, and the terrain. It pay's to save some of that old data. This is fun........everyone thats interested in this should submit some pic's. Kurt
  14. I agree. It sure looks like North Field Tinian. It's been many years but I believe that the North Field was the base of our B-29's during WWII and also the sortie load/launch for the drop's that ended the war. Kurt
  15. Okay..........(sigh!!!!!!) To get this idiot off my back (e-mail actually) I am making a request and/or vote. Can this so called "Loren Cooper" come back after a seven year absence? Vote away............... Kurt
  16. We had it tonight and it was great! The wife used Worcestershire sause and added some onion soup mix. I'm taking the leftover portion tomorrow for lunch (that is, if I don't raid the fridge at 02:00)! Thanks! Kurt
  17. I recall some vintage posting's about one of our Herk's that was supposedly "haunted". Which one was it, and what were some of the stories? Kurt
  18. Ahh! Searched the almighty kitchen cab's this afternoon and came up with some "helmet bag throw-in's" : Dinty Moore Stew (all that are on the shelf). Tuna ("Chicken-Of-The-Sea" an all time crew favorite). Saltine cracker's (many way's of utilization). TANG (Yuk! Those astronaut's are some sick f--ker's). Beef Jerky------A must!!! Folger's instant coffee (a mother-in-law's left over, but what the hell. It comes on handy). An old pack of Marlboro's (they may keep you out of jail in some countries). Crown Royal (you're not a Crew Dog unless you carry a portable Class Six Store). And, an all time October favorite------my wife's stash of Halloween candy! Gotta' love all of those Tootsie Roll's, Bubble Yum, jaw breaker's, mini-Snicker's, mini-Baby Ruth's, and Halloween candy corn!). Note: I'm in some deep shit when the wife comes home at 18:30!!! Let me hear some more..... Kurt
  19. Many years ago there was a sheaf of papers that comprised the Herk Galley Cook Book. Does anyone have a copy and/or any of the recipes for the concoctions that were made Kurt
  20. Coaster, I owe you an apology! After a beer or seven I tend to center my cross-hair's and lift the safety for firing on the J model's. I am very proud of our Coastie's and admire the professionalism/dedication of their duties. Again, I am sorry for my smart ass comment..... Kurt
  21. What? Am I getting this right? A "J model specific" as to what to maintain after a J gets shot? Son.........I don't think a J model will ever has such a publication! Think about it. Kurt
  22. The lamp was also a "cooking device". When I couldn't (or wouldn't) leave the Nav table, it was a handy device to place next to a pouch of MRE beef stew........ Yep! Heated up in no time at all! As for the chicken ala-king.....well, I'll save that for a later post. Kurt
  23. I have no idea about the incident, but I can assure all of you as to one thing about Turkey: Incident/Accident + Red Tape = Massive Trouble! Kurt
  24. I concur w/ our good friend Don! Let me know if I can help and I will deduct some money from my beer fund. Hell, if I have to switch from Budweiser Select to Busch, I'll do it..... Kurt
  25. On a humorous note, I would like to hear about some of the in-flight antic's that we have all pulled form time to time in our illustrious career's. To start the thread, I'll give you all a good one. 1979 w/ the 17TAS, we had a Instr. Nav that loved his cigar's, and with sure fired cockiness he smoked those things in flight. A real pr--k in every sense. Well, the AC got one of his Dutch Master's from his satchel, and creatively unpacked tobacco, inserted a firecracker, and then repacked the stogie. He placed it back in the pack so it was readily available inserted slightly out of the pack. As you all can well imagine, he was puffing away a few hours later and BANG! The neanderthal looked like something from a cartoon....... Any other's out there? Kurt
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