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Herk \" Party Suit\'s \" SEA


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I opened up a Falstaff once while in RVN, and that beer was so rotten, it had curds in it---lumps & stringy things. :S

The funny part was, one of the other guys thought I was just wimping out, so he grabbed the can after I had set it down, and took a big gulp--then went running to the head to \"wash out his mouth\". :laugh:

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Guest cobra935o

It could be Hamms, but I bet it is probably one of the Thai brands, but I cant really make out any of the cans all that well.


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I think you meant \"Schlitz\". The label was already brown, so a little rust was not so noticeable. Just so happened that Falstaff was my worst experience.

A lot of that beer was shipped in the holds of rusty old freighters, and was sometimes transferred from one ship to another at some god-forsaken ports, taking months to deliver; and there was no attempt to keep the stuff cool along the way.

Yep, rusty cans and rot gut beer was the norm....but, it seemed nice at the end of a long day to sit outside in the evenings with friends and a cold one, watching gunships work over the distant mountainside, watching the flare drops over the rice paddys, and listening to the artillery, & watching tracers in the hills from automatic weapons-----almost right there in your own back yard.

Our group had party shirts, with crew-specific colors and logos--also made in Taichung city (Paul\'s Tailor shop) during TDY\'s for aircraft maintenance.

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I remember a load redirecting the destination of two cases of Carling Black Label from a pallet that must have sat on the ramp for a month at Danang. It was the worst stuff I ever tasted, and the only time I ever saw a 130 crew not finish \"free\" beer.

I rember seeing it on the shelf of a liquor store later back in the States and could not believe anyone would buy it.


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EdMcG1 wrote:

The 3 C130 Squadrons that were there when I was there (\'69-70) did. If I could print my slides and then learn how to post, I\'d share.

Do you have a scanner?

I have an HP scanjet g4050. It has a thingy that you put slides on and it kind of does a reverse photocopy dealio.

The scanner takes the slides and creates images out of them.

I can teach you how to post. As long as words like \"dealio\" \"thingy\" and \"that chingadera\" are in your vocabulary, it should be a breeze.

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