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Interesting paint


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Maybe they will put \"tufting\" on the wings(little strings to show the direction of airflow across the surfaces), and use the stripes as reference lines...just a guess.

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Tail-stripe looks like Mansfield Ohio Air Guard. If so, tail number should/ could be 90-1791 Thru 1798.

I know the Ohio Air Guard flew a lot of different airframes before getting -130s, so to me, looks like a heritage paint job. They trace their lineage to the 363rd Fighter Squadron, which flew P-51D mustangs in WWII, with the yellow and red checkered spinners. They also flew B-26s and C-47. They were in the ETO for D-Day, so that explains the invasions strips.

As far as the 8 blade props, doubt it, but what do I know, I\'m now a civilian with a beard watching spongebob all day!!!

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The aircraft was 90-1794 Mansfield OH ANG.

It was painted to resemble P51D\'s of 363 FS with D-Day invasion stripes.

It commerates the 60th Anniversary of the 179AW Mansfield OH ANG which was the parent unit, years ago, of the 363 FS. 179AW has been BRAC\'d and will lose its Herks and is hoping to get C-27\'s.


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