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Four Horsemen


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Hi folks!

As a C-130 pilot for the Royal Netherlands Air Force I have started researching the great heritage of this amazing airplane. I have managed to collect most books ever written on the C-130 and I\'m looking into the lesser known corners of the C-130 past (e.g. the Credible Sport project). One of the things that caught my interest is the existence of the \"Four Horsemen\" demonstration team. While doing the obligatory \"google\" research I found out that video/footage of the Four Horsemen exists.

Can anyone of you confirm the existence of this footage and is there any way to get a copy of it? Or can someone at least point me in the correct direction?


Mark Brouwer

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I cant help you with any video, why am I posting here???

When I first went to Sewart in Sept. 63 I was assinged to

ACFT 56468. Asst. c/c was Red Hutchens.

Red told me that we had a different colored light on the

Beaver Tail, so we would know when our plane flew over at night.

One night on the tow crew after 468 and 3 other planes had landed

the pilot of one of the other planes started raising hell about the different colored light on our plane.

He said he almost hit 468 because the light was the wrong color.

I don\'t think they were the 4 Horsemen, but they were flying close formation.

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I have an MPEG copy of the 14-minute Lockheed promotional video \"Hercules and the Four Hoursemen\". It is 140MB. I don\'t recall how or where I got it. The quality is very good, it does not look like a transfer from video tape.

I also do not know what the copyright restrictions on the video are. I know a few years ago, Lockheed was very restrictive about copies of this video.

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The Four Horsemen video is alive and well and belongs to Lockheed. I\'d suggest contacting them. I had a CD that had it and some other old C-130 films on it but I sent it to Bob Ruffin.

Two of the original Horsemen ACs are still alive - Bill Hatfield and Jim Akin. My good friend Col. Billie Mills also flew with them and was a copilot when they made the video. Bill is in Lower Alabama these days. I saw him back in February when he came to Clear Lake for the TCTAA board meeting. I\'ve got a page about them off of my C-130 page - http://hometown.aol.com/samc130/index.html.

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I have a VHS tape of the movie. The color is faded and the size is reduced, but just thankful for small favors. I was featured for about 10 seconds and some flight deck shots over my shoulder for take-off. We made the movie at Williams AFB in Arizona if memory serves. Got saluted many times during the week as most there had never seen an enlisted man in a flight suit. Had a good time with the tower as "lead" requested "speed brake check" on taxi-out; who knew about paratroop jump doors. Had to shoot early in the morning as the thermals were a beast. Usually flew in #3 and it was pretty "interesting" when moving to different formations. Some pretty good g loads on some of the zooms. Really would enjoy talking to any of the survivors if they are around. We are all getting pretty old. Had contact with Hatfield, but not for some years now. Think it was one of Chaney's kin that sold me a copy of the tape. Spent many hours and money trying to get a copy from Lockheed with no success. Could not even get a lucid response. Will try to attach a picture of nose art on deployment to PI.

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