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"Name That Place"

Wil Sanchez

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Man, that chow-hall pic sure brings back memories! Mostly "midnight chow" !!!

All the SOS you could eat!!!! It was good too! My favorite was SOS over toast and fried eggs. And of course, all the milk you could drink!

I don't remember seeing any of the girls working there at that time of day though!

Thanks for the picture Will,


PS I had a pair of those cool black rimmed issue glasses!

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Wow 3 replies and 3 winners. I can remember 1 day I worked a 14 hour shift and I got to eat 4 times that day. I think it was August of 1970. The Chief of Maintenence had disqualified all of the FMS enigne run qualified troops. There had been a large rotation of 50th personnel and we had a lot of 2 stripers on the Flight Line. There were2 of us in the 50th that were engine run qualified. They put me on a 6:00 PM to 6:00 AM shift. They put the other person on the 6:00 AM to 6:00 PM shift. when I showed up at 6:00 they had my night planned out. The Maint. truck would meet me at the assembly hangar and we would begin a fun evening of Engine runs, tows and refuel/ defuels. At around 9:00 they would take me to the flight line snack bar for about 15 min break. At 12:00 they would haul me to the Chow Hall for a 30 min. meal. About 3:00 they would haul me over to the Flt Line snack bar again. There were several days when we overlapped about an hour or 2. This went on for about 3 weeks before they had enough engine run troops to put us back on a regular shift.

I'll find some more pics and we'll play again. Take care and have a great Thanksgiving, you have all earned it.


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A very early photo of Al Ain in UAE. Took me awhile to find that one, but I knew it had to be somewhere in the gulf!

Bingo Mark, you hit it on the head:D (no idea why I missed your post before I posted again last night).

Yes FL380, with a -7 pig no less, it was great, we managed to steal a little rock plane that had just came out of refurb.

AL Ain in Oct of 90, it is so high up you cant even see our hooches.

It was fun when we got there, took over the airfield before it was even completed. No runway lights, no approach lights no lights period, not even cultural lights. So when you came in at night with no moon yet it was pitch black, sat there one night and watched a 141 go missed approach 5 times before the said screw it an left.


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