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High flights.. How high have you flown in a Herk?


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Highest for me 27,000

The published record for the Herk is 43,500 for 62-3487 on 12/16/1963.

Cabin Altitude 43,500. 14 guys halo'd out of it at El Centro CA. The oold parachute test facility. We had 487 in the 706TAS at New Orleans for awhile.


I'll have to check my log book... No I was not on the AC in 1963... I did a drop at Holtville, AAF in the late 80's early 90's??? in a shell of an F Model... Had to be on O2 for couple Hrs on the ground then level for a while (at whatever Alt it was) then do it again then level @ 42,500 open the back and FREEZEEEEEE.... Had some PJ's, Seals Rangers, and Marines jump out (frekn NUTS) closed up and tryed to climb a little higher but I think we got to 42,700 and that was all she had!! Pretty cool....

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Since, there are different procedures from book to book and time to time.

Let me admit that my previous statements was not accurate, and need to be corrected by adding (in bold) the following to my previous statement.

Therefore; the two pictures was definitely not related to each other; the top picture might show what altitude brother “M_Wales†was flying during his mission from xxx to xxx, but the lower picture showing an airplane flying on an altitude not above 21,000 feet, unless the crew were not following the normal operating procedures stated on the last updating books.â€

BEFORE TAKE-OFF. (Automatic Pressure Control)

1- ….

2- Set the cabin altitude knob to the desired cabin altitude, but never less than field pressure altitude.


NOTE: Monitor cabin altitude against airplane altitude to make sure that cabin altitude stays within the isobaric range. (See figure1-50.)

BEFORE TAKE-OFF. (Manual Pressure Control)

1- Set cabin altitude selector to 10,000 feet and position air conditioning master switch to MAN RESS.

REF. TO 1C-130H-1 (Original Issue) Section/Pages (1-153.154)

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Ok, I conceide...I kept skipping right over that. In to shame & hiding I will go now!

Brother AMPTestFE;

The shame & hiding is to leave the “front†to the inexperienced guys home only chewing and mummeries shallow information with nil experience.

And guess who is at the top of the list?


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I was taught to set it to just below field elevation right before takeoff and during touch and gos, for the comfort of the crew and paxs. During climb I would reset it based on cruise altitude and the ability of the airframe to hold pressure. I did one other little trick to keep the under flight deck electronics cool, I would crank up the cabin altitude so the outflow valve would be passing air, if required based on airframe leakage.

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Sorry fellas. I wasn't trying to be a troll with my post pointing out the disparity between the altimeter and cabin pressure controller setting. It was only a humorous observation. And oh btw... I'm pretty sure that when the controller is in the differential mode it is controlling pressure at 15.18 not 15.16. :-)

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If I remember correctly we use to take off out of Hickam, pressurized, and climb to 25K. Depressurize, kick out a training "satellite", swoop down making practice runs at it, catch it, re-pressurize, climb, etc., do it 3-4 times. That's a little tiring on the body. Typically the we'd use manual pressurization, but one, err, idiot(?) would use aux vent to depressurize.

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FL330 in an E out of Pope. If I remember right we were in Alaska on the way to Team Spirit. Loadmaster went to take a pic of the panel while we were there and noticed a yellow light in the viewfinder. Seems one of the engines decided to dump it's oil. The folks in charge didn't seem to appreciate that we set a personal record.

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Recall @FL 384 going from Hill AFB to Boise on a post-mod (short-lived) post depot mission to check out a check MLS approach; there was nothing on board but suits and gas so she didn't even seem to hang on the props. It was unique looking "DOWN" at airliners at their assigned altitudes. K9

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