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C-130 Hercules.net Turns Five!


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Today marks C-130Hercules.net's 5th anniversary!

Thank you:

  • To everyone who visits the site. Be it once in a while or daily, without your involvement, there is no community.
  • To those who contribute to the forums.
  • To those who contribute to the gallery.
  • To those who have contributed other files, documents, etc.
  • To those who have referred others to the site.
  • To those who have donated to the site.
  • To those who have purchased items from the site's store or from the site's Cafe Press shop.
  • To Bob Daley for all your contributions and help.
  • And finally to Our sponsors.

Thank you for sticking with us:

  • Through all the software changes (Joomla, Simple Machines Forum, VBulletin, failed wiki attempts and several different galleries.)
  • Through the two or three times that I "nuked" the gallery.
  • Through all the lost attachments during upgrades.
  • Through multiple hacker attacks.
  • Through the many other things that I have done, behind the scenes, to undermine good order and discipline. As I have said many time before, I really don't know what I'm doing!

Over the past five years our community has:

  • Grown to 4,220 members
  • Created 3,834 threads
  • Made 26,887 posts
  • Added 15,391 images to the Gallery
  • And viewed 4,708,392 Gallery images

I am proud of the community we have created. A place where C-130 "folks":

  • Can catch-up with old friends.
  • Can make new friends.
  • Can tell war stories, reflect on days gone by or speculate on the future.
  • Can get technical help.
  • Or can like me, continue to be involved, in some small way, with the aircraft they love and the builders, maintainers, fliers and many others that have made the C-130 a remarkable machine.

Thank you for 5 years! Here's to the next 5!


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Yes the sucess is due to Casey, I do not know how he keeps up with all of it.

When Hercules.net is down I don't worry about it fore I know Casey will get it up and running.

Thanks so much Buddie.

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I failed slide rule. But recruiter was so impressed I knew what a slide rule was they made me an electrician. Go figure.

When they sent some Herc FE instructors though Altus back in '79, me being one of them, you should have seen 34-odd IFE's, most above 30 yrs old, trying to learn the slide rule. No wonder so much liquid brain lubrication was consumed during that 8 week period.

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