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  1. I stumbled on this video of a pictorial history of MC-130's on Youtube. This video has some awesome photography in it with pics of apparently all the MC's. Any of you guys that flew or worked on Black birds will appreciate this I think. I found the paint schemes over the years very interesting. Enjoy guys. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K_axy1PDb48
  2. Hello Chris, welcome to the "cardiac club", sorry to hear about that. I'v been living with some pretty severe issues since 2001, it's certainly not the end of the world any more. I had a aortic valve put in in 2003, bi-ventricle pace maker/defibrillator in 2012 (that has been in and out four times since) and a mitral valve in 2013. Hope the pace makes a noticeable difference for you, I am stuck in the 30 percent it doesn't seem to help. If you get to see some 130's at Robbins, Bob mentioned 68-10943 is there. I f there is any way you could get a couple pics of her I would be forever in your debt. She was the first plane I painted my name on, as asst. cc. (The only plane I was Dcc on, 62-1819, has been scrapped). The Dcc. on her at that time is also a friend of mine on Facebook and I know he would also really like to see what she looks like now. I realize there is a good chance you never see her and I sure don't expect you to be running around looking for it when I'm sure the are other things you would want to do. But, if you do happen to stumble on the old girl, I would never be able to thank you enough if you could snap a couple pics. Any chance you might be able to help out a former CC, former truck driver, current WI resident and "cardiac club" brother? HaHa, yup, I'm laying it on pretty thick, HaHa. Have a good trip, and wish you the best with your health issues!
  3. It says in the description the other aircraft is a B-47 that came from the museum at Ellsworth AFB. Whats left of the 130 sure is ugly and sobering.
  4. I think your right, looks like both have INS. I didn't see that in the first one when I put it up. I did see the INS in the second but thought aside from the INS it looked about right.
  5. I do have to admit, they are not my pics. I stole them off the internet. I don't know who took the pics or any details for them.
  6. this what you looking for? Or this one, but I think this one has INS. not very 1960's http://demiart.ru/forum/image.php?i=forum/uploads3/post-109017-1248994535.jpg
  7. I just seen that commercial. That is one airdrop I want to be on the receiving end of! However, it seems I just only contribute to supplying the "goods" to drop. Ha-Ha
  8. Here's a link to some info on it. http://aviationweek.com/defense/avic-proposes-c-130-size-y-30-airlifter
  9. I always wondered about that. When I first got on 130's (1983) a lot where still south east Asia (green camo/white belly), some sand tan. Went to Germany, were they were concerned about the Russians coming threw the Fulda gap for a war in Europe, a lot of planes where sand tan camo. Then (mid-late 80's) the sand tan was phased out for European 1(lizard paint, green gray camo). then after most are European one, we go to war in the desert with green planes. I think now the DOD must have given up, paint them all dull, ugly grey. Go figure. To help answer your question, At Rhein Main we had, I believe 28 planes. I would guess 6 or 7 where tan. Did not seem to be any particular reason, the color of the paint never seemed to matter for where the planes went. Green, sand, S.E.Asia all had the same missions.
  10. We used to see one stop at Frankfurt every now and then when I was at Rhein Main. 84-86, always drew attention, I would have liked to get a closer look at it but they taxi'd to the Frankfurt airport flight line and not the military ramp. People back then said Airbus owned it to ferry fuselages and wings.
  11. You ain't going to believe this but, in the mid 80's some rocket scientist at Rhien Main thought we needed a reminder to not walk through the prop arc, particularly between inboard engines and fuselage. The solution, a bungee chord strung from the bottom blade tip of the outboard props (when tee'd) under the bellyof the aircraft, decorated with a dozen or so remove before flight streamers. It was a pain in the axx and the but of many jokes from visiting crews. I don't know when they stopped using them but I left in 86 and the were in use then.
  12. It was on the C-130 crew chief group. https://www.facebook.com/groups/184118368141/?fref=ts I can't find now where I seen the comment about a chase plane, unless somebody deleted it it should be there. I'll keep looking but no promises. P.S. found it. It was on the news stations Facebook site, here's a link, it is mentioned in the comments section. https://www.facebook.com/fox13newsutah/photos/a.105864355585.125720.75831650585/10152604636315586/?type=1&theater
  13. Somebody on facebook said it was jacked up (I presume in place) and the gear dropped then towed away. It was also stated by a individual there was a "chase plane" looking it over before landing, so they must have known they were coming in without nose gear. Mind you those statements were on Facebook, and no one ever "makes up" any thing they put on the internet. As for the runway foam, I would say hard to say. I seen a C-5 land in Frankfurt in about 85-85 with no nose gear. The runway was foamed, but he had it flared out so long he flew thru the foam and onto bare concrete. If you watch the video and look in the pic jbob posted you can see way behind the plane it looks like the runway is white, maybe that was the case here? Believe it or not that C-5 flew back to Dover the next day.
  14. I'm a dirt modified racer myself, I should have caught the obvious that it is a circle track plane Ha-Ha. Maybe next year we'll see it racing in Reno with the P-51's ,P-47's and all the other old war birds!! lol
  15. I am skeptical of this also, that's why I was asking other opinions on it. To me, if you would want to orbit something, would it not be easier to increase the power to the engines outside the circle to make the plane turn with out redesigning the plane for angled wings? I was wondering if the plane ion the pic might be in a left wing down (banking) making the plane look that way, sort of enhancing the slight sweep back the wings have. I stumbled on this pic on the internet, so it must be true (with heavy sarcasm). And you know all pictures can be believed (with even more sarcasm, damn photo shop!). I did however think it was interesting and thought I would ask.
  16. Anybody have any information on this? Pretty interesting the way the wings are not perpendicular to the fuselage .[ATTACH=CONFIG]4297[/ATTACH]
  17. If you are looking for info on your brothers military career, you might try contacting your county veterans service officer. He might be able to point you in a direction to try to get information. For that, it would help if you know where his "home of records" would be. that would be I believe the county where he enlisted in the military, probably where you grew up, but not sure. It would help the veterans service officer your search if you have his social security number, the military tracks everyone with their ssn. Also Spectre623 is correct, I should have also said that crew chiefs are enlisted, not officers. however each maintenance section has a OIC (officer in charge), these are usually lower ranking officers to supervise the work section. In my experience, the OIC has been in command of about 30-50 people. These officers have close daily personal contact with the people under their command. And they are often involved in overseeing the work that is performed by the men and women that work "for" them, so it would be possible for him to see the things your brother said he did. Again good luck
  18. I goggled Forbes AFB for you and found a C-130 unit there from 64-73. The 313th Troop Carrier Wing was stationed there. Hope that might help you. If he commented about cleaning up puke, he most likely was in a OMS (organizational maintenance squadron) also known as crew chiefs. Crew chiefs worked on almost every part of the plane and where also tasked with servicing and cleaning the aircraft, I was a crew chief and have cleaned my share of other peoples puke. As for how many 2nd lieutenants may have been there, I would say many,many,many all officers start as second lieutenants so there is a almost unlimited number of officers to try to sort through. Good luck with your search.
  19. Same thing with Google chrome, it started this weekend.
  20. I thought you guys might get a kick out of this. Click on the link. http://www.pilotfriend.com/humour/jokes/twr.htm
  21. Some interesting reading on carbon brakes. http://www.boeing.com/commercial/aeromagazine/articles/qtr_03_09/article_05_1.html
  22. I stumbled on this little bit of humor and thought I would share it with you guys. WARNING!! You might want to be a little thick skinned and not easily offended or politically correct for this, you where warned. Ha-Ha just click on this link to see what a crew chief is, sorry it seems to be for the suck and blow type plane crew dogs but still good. http://uncyclopedia.wikia.com/wiki/Crew_Chiefs#Famous_Crew_Chiefs
  23. I wonder if the base clinic was able to remove the seat cushions or if the crew had to go to a proctoligist.
  24. That was pretty good. Makes me want to re-enlist, do you think they a take fat, middle aged guy with a bum heart?
  25. I remember that, somehow all was forgiven no matter how nasty the aroma as long as you announced "howdy" and warned every one. To this day I chuckle every time I hear howdy, no one else gets it, even if I try to explain, Ha-Ha.
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