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  1. I'm pretty sure H2s(no MACAWS) have Beta indicator lights right next to the RPM gauge, although all the AC-W's(H2s) had that light disabled/removed. But it did exist.
  2. Airframe wise and systems yes... Avionics no. And the MC-130W is no longer an MC it has been officially changed to AC-130W.
  3. I came off the boom during the whole Haiti thing at well over 175k... with a 13k service ceiling during January over the Caribbean was as heavy as I have ever been and ever want to be. We had blanket 165k t/o land waivers and used them every day.
  4. I hate to say it but she (1301) looks nothing like that anymore... Cheers
  5. Unless things have changed, the 463rd Airlift Group is now the 19th AG, so the 50, 53, and my alma mater the 61 all belong to the 19th... Queep I know but if you want the facts... cheers
  6. I meant AMC units that actually deploy... the 62=school house and is partially H1's, and the PRANG...I've never seen their aircraft deploy except to Central/South America, so the 53 and 61(which I was a Green Hornet for 4 years) are the 2 remaining E-Model units
  7. Correct me if I'm wrong but aren't there only 2xE-Model Squadrons left in the AF? Has anyone else heard the rumor that the MC's are getting the 8-Bladed Prop and Electronic Valve housing?
  8. It's taking over for the MC-130W in its old mission(i.e. har/tar, infil/exfil, airdrop, low level, etc...) plus it's supposed to take over for previously stated aircraft.
  9. Sure is a good looking plane, I've got some buddies training to fly it when it comes out to Cannon.
  10. Dan Yes AFSOC still does Windmill Taxi Starts for practice/pilot pro/upgrades. cheers!
  11. Yawdamper Thanks for the clarification! I honestly didn't know that about the J. All-- Any new pics of the HC/MC-J?
  12. http://www.airliners.net/photo/USA---Air/Lockheed-Martin-C-130H/1695494/L/ Couldn't figure out how to post a picture but if you look you can see the "de-icing boot" in the same place on the H as it is on the J. And I'm positive there is no boot on the H. Do we have any J-model guys on here who can put this issue to rest and get back to the HC-130J discussion?
  13. Little Rock has an AMP sim as well as a couple AMP'd planes assigned to the 189th.
  14. 29000 is the highest I've ever seen, probably could have pushed it higher but... Have been to 24999 for a HAHO many times and it was uncomfortable every time.
  15. Herkpilot


    My first landing into that airfield I had a "firm touchdown", it's a challenging place to get in and out of; high PA, terrain, etc... You have to bring your A game when going in there. cheers
  16. Not any more... See Dragon Spear, and correct me if I'm wrong but the 15th still has their pods on
  17. Apparently those are the same pods on the Marine KC-130J. I believe they are an electronic version of Fletcher Pods.
  18. Oh yeah, well I heard we were going to be able to fly lower than the T2's while firing our new weapons. It's just the Rumor Mill in action... and yes 9288 did (or was scheduled to arrive wind permitting) today cheers
  19. Try Dyess... They were very accommodating especially when we called on a Friday at 1530 and the sim was on Monday at 0800.
  20. I hope you find an answer... 9286 has some serious electrical gremlins.
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