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  1. Hmm, maybe I shouldn't tell everybody I still watch both.....
  2. Pretty. Can't wait to see em in the air. Anyone know if they're replacing the old IFR pods with the new style?
  3. Nt sure what Mule hide glue is, we alwasy called it "Elephant snot" or "Camel snot" in the desert.
  4. It just blows my mind sometimes. It would be great for training, Camaraderie, pirde, and would be a great recruiting tool. "Hey kids, think fighters are cool? Well here's proof everything in the AF is cool!" I guess I just think too much, I better watch that before I get demoted to the SWAT team.
  5. I saw an interview many many moons ago. That was the only thing that kept them on the air the first season. Even without wounding anyone parents were complaining that it was too violent. So with no on getting hurt, they could say they're teaching a valuable lesson. Considering what else was on back then, it was more geared for kids. Can't say too much though, I am slightly biased, I watched it all the time as a kid and even had all the action figures On a side note, the boost pack switches are on, the guards are down. I'm curious how they got just about every light on in the flight deck.
  6. I'm still trying to figure out why we don't have a demo team nowadays. Seems a good idea to me.
  7. Here you are. I think the boost packs being off is part of the "Badass escape" checklist. Make the plane go faster.
  8. This is the first movie that they actually hit the start button.
  9. My mistake. I thought they did do both at the same time. Meybe next time I'll pay more attention.
  10. You don't by any chance have a diagram of what connector is what? We have one from a NAVAIR, but it's a copy from a copy from a copy from.... You can't even tell what it is anymore and no one has been able to find another.
  11. These are the only ones I'm not guilty of. Good list.
  12. We do both at the same time here at Robins, they have the Aircraft shored and jacks in place. I's recommend calling WRALC to get the steps to do it though. I've never actually done it.
  13. Plaprad

    Bird Question

    Ok, this story must be told.
  14. Plaprad

    Bird Question

    He said Rectum Skip, not spine or gnads.
  15. Plaprad

    Bird Control

    Most planes I see have those little needles anywhere the birds like to land. But that could take some time and money on a chopper. Have they tried a scarecrow or fake owl? Or if they really wanted to do something about birds, some cities are releasing raptors in the city to get rid of a few birds. They work great and if you can get them to nest near the park your bird problem will be gone.
  16. I is a fan as well. My Facebook name is Paul Laprad, look me up.
  17. Hmm, that would be perfect for squirrel hunting.
  18. I can't remember specifics, but I think in the 70's somewhere they redesigned the outer wings. I don't think they'll fit on earlier models. I'd have to look through some books to make sure though.
  19. Plaprad

    New ride

    Forget the pink, is there a reason the seats in the down position? Something your not telling us?
  20. This is all public knowledge, plus it reads like a news article. You can find all kinds of stuff on the system from Google.
  21. This one should have been in there. Too bad the AC got in trouble.
  22. Apparently the 141's had that vacuum system installed for a few years until a nav broke open one of those plastic puzzles with the metal BB's inside. From the story the tail looked like someone took a shotgun to it, and the vacuum was quickly removed from service.
  23. What book is that out of Tiny?
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