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  1. Georgia Lockheed Employees Recreation Center (GLERC). They had a website several years back but it looks as though it's defunct now. Beside the gift shop there was an events/ticketing office just across the hall as well. Plenty of C-130 hats, mugs, pins, jackets, etc. to be had. If you can hit Lockheed Employee appreciation weekend the entire plant is flung open and there are aircraft displays in the outside areas as well. Wife and I were TDY to the plant several years ago on C-5 business. Just happened to hit one of those events. Really great time.
  2. Colonel, My google search turned up a few pages only. www.c-7caribou.com had pages for Cam Ranh, Phu Cat, Vung Tau www.theboxcar.org had Chu Lai and Kham Duc One of this sites members mentioned having scanned in his copy of a 70's TAD. That was on and older thread. I believe the name was Ray Roddy from Troy, AL.
  3. Could have been Federal Air Reserve Technicians (F ARTs), straight civilian crew chiefs (a lot of Wings have them now), or Depot maintainers.
  4. Way back, early 80's I guess, Sau-- Herk came through Dover transient on it's regularly scheduled "Dip" run for those Lincolns and Cadillacs. Pulled the Doppler Freq Tracker (the back end of these birds was always packed with spare parts for the trip), all of it's fuse holdres were jammed with coiled safety wire.
  5. KLX-100 yes that was it. Wish I wasn't losing my memory this quickly. AF absolutely did buy a lot of them. They once again were caught late and behind the curve of advancement. Couldn't affort to wait for the slow turning mod acquistion process in getting GPS into the Force. Another stop gap.
  6. Early on, before the full system mods started (FMS 800) then later (AMP), crews were duck taping GPS handhelds to the edge of the Nav table on C-5s
  7. That's hilarious. Sounds like a scene out of Andy Griffiths "No Time For Sergeants".
  8. I'm all for progress, but won't this potentially lockup this site the way the Polish air mishap did?
  9. I think it was a rhetorical question. Why was an airframe, in as good a condition and with as good a record as this, going to the boneyard ahead of more inferior aircraft? That would be the BS!
  10. Wil, You sure he worked 130's and not the KCs? I was in AMS 69-72. Don't recall another Jerry besides myself. Can't place him, but I worked swings and mids mostly. He's walking downtown at night...I'm workin. He sure has a 314/374th AMS haircut though! Gary Robinson was RADAR. Maybe he knows him. Jerry Rice
  11. I too am familiar with that flight. As was mentioned, the flight was a regularly scheduled pax run from Taipei to CCKAB. Exactly a year earlier I was on that run, a new 3-level out of Tech School (Keesler AFB) assigned to the 314th AMS. After that crash the run was eliminated and everyone came down-country by train or bus, as I recall. Frank, God was really looking after you!
  12. I had it yesterday (26 Feb 10) all day. Sometimes the images wouldn't load when a page did come up. Several attempts were required, but retrying always worked eventually. No problems this morning though.
  13. Great pictures Ron Thanks. Yea if you have more post them. That would be great. Maybe post them over in the CCKAB group too. Wish I had taken some of the Base myself. I was there from Oct 69 through Oct 72. Thanks again
  14. MAX OK I can make out the chock now that you pointed it out and I was only making some harmless fun. Alright?.....Bud
  15. I like the guy under the wing carrying the fire extinguisher. What's he waiting in case the guy on the rope erupts in spontaneous human combustion? Maybe that's a can of steroids?
  16. Larry that was priceless. Ahh the maintenance data keypunch ladies. Now there's a lost art and a lost community of workers.
  17. The trouble was...he was to the koolaide drinkers of Johnstown Pennsylvania what Marion Barry was to the dope addicts of D.C. He was their sugar daddy. He was one of them. He was their cash cow. He brought home their bacon, and ham, and sausage, and scrapple, and....... He would never lose an election up there as long as he drew a breathe. I grew up close enough to that area to know the people that made up his constituency. That's one cash drain that is slowed down now. Oh and he was another John Kerry war hero. Sat on a potato peeler or something like that didn't he?
  18. Herk Fixer: Sounds like what you ran into was one of two things. Either the guy who disapproved your suggestion at MAJCOM later submitted it himself, after he was in a new assignment or the depot Equip Specialist disapproved what he knew to be a good idea, but didn't want to award out any money. Then he just pushed the change through from his office. Possibly altering it slightly to say it was a different idea. I've known some guys who acted as if they were awarding their own pocket money. As an Avionics type (38 yrs) my experience with AFTO 22s and suggestions has been pretty good. I have had (what I though were) good ideas squashed, but I've had for more approved than not. My advice would be to know who the decision makers are, both up the MAJCOM and at the Depot. Communicate with them, particularly the depot Specialist, so they are clear on what you are trying to get across. Actually, a good one will seek you out and explain why he or she is rejecting the proposal or ask you to clarify.
  19. Qui Qui or is that Wee Wee Has "Euro" all over it.
  20. Looks like just another run-of-the-mill "liberal" general. Just what I expected the current administration would put in there. I can't understand why "Touchy Feelys" want to serve in the military any way. I guess their motivation is to try to change it. Hence the remark "...my personal feeling is there's been enough fighting". For crying out loud! and this is our combat leader.
  21. After a decade of all of these Total Quality, Quality Awareness, Sigma Six, Lean Logistics, yada, yada, yada programs, training, comittees, seminars mother Air Force has this incessant need to rename everything. Supply is Logistics Readiness, Security Police is Force Protection, Personnel is Mission Support and on and on. Units are no longer identified in simple, clear terms. I guess the goal is name units in a way that the terrorists can't figure out what is really what.
  22. When spilled down the face of a Control/Display Head, coffee with cream and sugar can destroy perfectly good card boards. Left over time the concoction severely corrodes any metal contacts and microchips. Tears them up. So when that little display screen makes a perfect coffee cup holder, and you happen to have an accident, just write it up so the techs can pull it, get it opened and cleaned up and back it in service. Save the force a couple of thousand bucks.
  23. To become supreme leader? He already is the supreme leader. At least in his mind. The Chicago White House. Think we would have been better off with Al Capone. No lawyers for our enemies. Just the business end of Thompson machine guns.
  24. One would think this list was a Jay Leno joke but I too have encountered absolutely every single one too. Thanks for the memories.
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