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    Dan Wilson!

    I don't think they have enough firepower.
  2. The question should be, how do you keep the LM's awake?
  3. Kenny is an auto broker here in Charleston. I haven't spoken with him or seen him since he left Langley. I know a couple of brokers and can probably get his number. I'll let you know.
  4. My AC (no names, Skip Daven....) would asked that I fill out a Form F before the each first flight in country every day. It would give us info. on how to load the rest of the day.
  5. This is the real story about when the Loadie followed the jumpers out.
  6. Klong Airlines was a good one.
  7. pwylie


    Sure would like an 'E' with the '70's paint, 37TAS and 316TH patches. Let me know the cost. Thanks.
  8. pwylie


    My first TDY was in '71 from Langley to Pope (Fayettenam) for an ORI. They put us up downtown at the Prince Charles Hotel on Hay St. Anybody remember that place? It was a really ruff area back then. One of our FE's got rolled walking back to the hotel.
  9. Anybody remember the beer can tennis ball cannon wars we used to have at Rhein-Main. We would cut the ends out of the beer cans and duct tape them end to end to make long cannons. Squirt lighter fluid in the closed end and stuff a tennis ball in the open end. We would light it with a Bic lighter and it would hurl the ball an easy 50 yards. Normally we would wait in ambush and nail some unsuspecting guy. It got a little out of hand when full warfare broke out.
  10. Congratulations and Happy New Year!
  11. Nice work. Happy New Year to you, too.
  12. Would you tell us the story about Jeff Pohl? Also, please send the copies of the letters. Pat
  13. YouTube has it. Try 'Lockheed C-130 Hercules at Khe Sanh'. Pat
  14. Bill Price, LM, Detroit, Michigan, 37th Tim Egan, LM, PA area, 37th Richard Kosteca, LM, Columbus, OH, 37th What ever happened to Lt. Col. Martin, Sq. Commander, 37TAS? Last time I saw him was in Danang in '73.
  15. Nope. It was a CC. He was shot down going around the last curve.
  16. Knew both Mike Roe and Will Guidry. We were all Loads with the 37th. Remember when Mike broke his foot? Pat Wylie
  17. A warm thank you all that serve others. You truly make a difference in many lives. Pat
  18. May they rest in peace, and their families find it.
  19. You can find Col. Bob Stevens' book at Amazon.com. The title is "There I Was..." 25 Years. It's a collection of his cartoons while a pilot. Also, a light history of aviation. Pat
  20. Also, save your pictures. Like Muff says, save everything that can help you prove that you were in a combat zone. A friend's widow is now receiving over $900.00 a month because after years of being turned down, we were able to prove 'boots on the ground' through friends testimonials and pictures. God knows she deserves it. Pat Wylie
  21. Left Moldy Hole after a rotation heading to Langley via Iceland. I think it was in '73. We ran into a major headwind and wouldn't have made it. Had to divert to Scotland. Turned into a long long flight.
  22. I'ld like to contribute to a new galley cook book. One stalk of bananas from Howard AFB and a bottle of cheap rum from Forth of July Blvd.
  23. pwylie

    Mil Specs

    I'll have a 03572 Lite.
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