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  1. Interesting. I am also a member of a DC-10 group. The webmaster there forbids any mention of any DC-10 crashes or incidents with the threat of immediate expulsion from the group. I think he's an ostrich. Don R.
  2. What a shame! Not sure, but I think he was in his mid-60's. We corresponded a lot. I never met him face to face, but I considered him a very good friend. What a wealth of knowledge lost. Here's a photo he sent me from is military days. He's in the white t-shirt in the middle. Don R.
  3. From 1967 to 1970, I was on the C-118's at Rhein Main. The fuel boost pumps were in the MLG wheel wells. To clean the engine exhaust tracks, we'd disconnect the output fuel line and attach a small hose and nozzle and turn on the pump and wash down the exhaust with 115/145 avgas. Then, when I got out, I worked for Eastern Airlines in Boston. I started out washing the Connies and Electras there. We washed them with Varsol which was in a tank on a small trailer with a pump. To service that tank, a fuel truck would pull up and fill the tank. Can't remember whether it was 115/145 or Jet A-1. Don R.
  4. DC10FE

    SN: 4132

    The last I heard, it was at Nashville, TN, but that unit transitioned to something other that the C-130. 4132 is a pretty old airframe -- I would imagine it's parked at Davis Monthan AFB or broken up by now. Don R.
  5. Tiny, it was called a called passing light. It was used if you had oncoming traffic you could turn it on to be more visible. The T-29 without the radome also had one, as did some C-47's. Don R.
  6. When I was a DC-10 engineer at Gemini Air Cargo, they used to call the winglets on our MD-11's flight engineer tombstones. Don R.
  7. Yep, did it a couple of times with Transafrik in Angola -- not on purpose, of course! Don R.
  8. Thanks, Fred. It's been a while. Never thought to look in the 1-1. Don R.
  9. Does anyone know if any data exists for a no-flap takeoff on the Herc? Lockheed? Thanks, Don R.
  10. Bill. Interesting to note that the APU could be run inflight (except on commercial Hercs), but not serviced inflight while the GTC could be serviced inflight but not run inflight. Anyone else see the irony here? Don R.
  11. Bob, My neighbor across the street moved here from Patrick last year. He told me that Patrick was getting C-27's. Of course, he's in the Comm Squadron -- what does he know? Don R.
  12. Peter, This is an inflight check. When the dump pump pressure drops in an outboard tank, the level will be at 2,100 lbs, the standpipe level and 1,800 (I think) lbs in the inboards. If I remember correctly, you had to use the dump pumps because the boost pumps will pump the tanks empty. Like I said before, it's been a very long time, so I could be full of BS about this. Don R.
  13. When I flew the Herc with Transafrik, most of the airplanes had at least 3 or 4 fuel gauges inop or unreliable. There was a procedure called a standpipe check to see how much fuel was actually in the tank. It's been since December 1995 (21+ years) that I've been in the cockpit of a Herc. Does anyone remember how the check went? I know it had to do with using the dump pumps as boost pumps. Thanks, Don R.
  14. I'm not sure, but weren't the MC-130E Blackbirds at Nah Trang PCS, too? Don R.
  15. The only two Dyess FY 1974 airplanes lost at Pope were 74-1681 (msn 4654) that crashed in 1989 dropping a Sheridan tank when the load hung up. A LAPES, I think. The other was 74-1693 (msn 4693) w/o after a ground fire. Don R.
  16. My very first TDY as a one-striper in 1963 was from Langley AFB to Sewart AFB to have a B-model's door sealed. I didn't even know that I had to file a travel voucher when I got back! Don R.
  17. I went their website, but it's not there anymore. Back when I was DC-10 FE with Gemini Air Cargo, I bought a KC-10 AOM from them because the civilian version was written more for pilots than FE's. Much more technical data. OK, I may have exaggerated a bit when I said the SR-71, but you could've bought the XB-70 AOM. Don R.
  18. There's a company in Colorado that sells everything from the B-17 to the SR-71 AOM. Very pricey, but available. Lots of engine manuals, too. Don R.
  19. I was never with SAT although I knew a LOT of the crewmembers from my days with Transafrik in Angola (1989 -- 1995). Don R.
  20. DC10FE

    Tail flash

    HA! An old Dyess bird. I remember when they still had that new car smell to them. That didn't last very long. I think it went to The Rock in 2012. Don R.
  21. DC10FE

    Tail flash

    I have mild dyslexia, so I can understand. I had to triple check my TOLD cards after filling them out.
  22. DC10FE

    Tail flash

    Casey, it's actually 80-0322 (msn 4903). My guess is the yellow tail flash is that of the 118th AS of the Connecticut ANG. Their patch is also mainly yellow. That photo was taken by my friend Sean O'Brien in 7/28/16 @ Shannon. The photo below is the Georgia ANG's tail flash, also from my friend Sean on 5/07 @ SNN. OK, I think we've beat this to death! Thanks for all your help. Don R.
  23. DC10FE

    Tail flash

    Does anyone know What unit displays this tail flash? Thanks. Don R.
  24. Perfman, please check your messages. Don R.
  25. Haven't heard much, Bob. They did send a Herc to Juba in the Sudan to evacuate some NGO's because of the civil war there. Don't know if they still have any airplanes at AIROD. I'll check & let you know. Don R.
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