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As everyone knows many parts on the C-130 get a nickname. We have come across one we aren\'t sure what exactly they are referring to in the discrepancies. We are trying to figure out what a \"Bread Pan\" is. My initial guess is the heatshield behind the engines but when I saw writeups like \"(/) RT WING OWS137 LEADING EDGE OF BREAD PAN U BRACE CRACKED\", \"(/) RIGHT WING, CRACK IN BREAD PAN U-CHANNEL WS 214.\", or \"PATCH IS BAD ON BREAD BASKET AROUND MIDDLE JACKSCREW OF THE INBD FLAP\". Then there is Disc: \"ACFT REQ NEW BREAD BANS\", Corr Action: \"NO LONGER REQUIRED DUE TO INSTALL OF TUBS AND TRACKS\". So now I am not sure what a \"bread pan\", \"bread basket\", or \"breadbox\" is on the C-130. Any inputs?

While we are on the subject how about everyone post the nicknames for parts they use or have used? It ought to be interesting to see what comes out.



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I haven\'t heard of the bread pans / bread box either. Almost sounds like something to do with the life raft tubs......

Other nicknames (?) for parts:

pork chop fittings

snow plow

dogbone (ramp ADS support arm?)

wishbone (prop handling tool?)

strongback (Fulton Skyanchor structure)

teacup (Fulton Skyanchor spindle)


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Pork chops are \'haram\' - known as lamb chops in the sandbox

Lighthouse - area between #2 and #3 bearing in the engine

Snake pit - airconditioning bay in the B727, back of the fwd cargo bay

Hog trough = horse trough

Beaver tail = platypus tail

Dogbones are condition lever transfer arms on the engine control gimbal

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I still use many of the terms we had for years:

Grasshoppers - ads support arms on the ramp

Dog Bones - gimble links

Hog Trough - overhead center equipment rack down the middle of the cargo comparment

Elephant ears - raised skin of the ramp that covers the actuator attachement

Dog Legs - aft nose gear door swing arms

Chicken Legs - connector rod between flap jackscrew and flap

Pork Chops - ends of the structure that connects one wheel well to the other across the fuselage belly

Butterfly fittings - the lower part of the vertical support rods aft of the ramp hings that attach to the sloping longerons

Bath Tubs - the sloping longeron end attach fittings at F.S. 737

Spiders - on the old C-130s before the \"new\" AC packs - the ejectors below the heat axchangers

Bread pans, bread backets, etc... are all new to me.

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damnpoor wrote:

Steve1300 wrote:

The elephant ears are the panels on each side of the nose of the fulton recovery herks, the ones you open for access to the radome bolts.

I\'ve heard both called elephant ears.

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Elephant Ears = Ramp actuator cylinder connection OR NLG tow bar break-away connection

Snatch Blocks = MLG aux jackpads

Grenade = Ratchet adapter for prop hub-nut installation

Dog Leg = Upper corners of the paratroop doors (pinned)

Article 15 switch = Ignition kills switch in junction box

Donkey Dick = (there are so many...) UARRSI tester (male end)

Gills = Outflow valve outlet

Hot Screw = Splice panel corners (roughly)

Lollipops = Paratroop door locks

Pucks = 5th/10th bleed valves

Snakepit = Utility hydraulic sevice center

As for the breadbox, I have heard the radar scope stowage compartment refered to as the breadbox.

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The Avionics Bay under the Flight Deck was always the "Hell Hole". Spend an hour or more, or run in and out of it a half dozen times and you'll understand. Knee, head, and back killer. Uniform and skin ripper (corners and safety wire pigtails).

Oh yeah Pigtails - the quarter to half inch, 6 to 8 twists, safety wire end securing LRUs in their racks.

Jesus Clips - the little C-clips that would snap onto the end of various shafts. They got the term (Jesus) because that was the clean word uttered everytime they went flying off somewhere.

TTU-205 pitot tube hose adapters have been called donkey dicks pretty much everywhere as well.

I saw the the Arkansas panel mentioned. The C-5 has a panel named for a State also. The Texas panel.

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Agreed, the bread pan is the heat shield just aft of the engine exhaust and mounted to the underside of the wing. It has a corrugated like design that looks like you could cook multiple loaves of bread in.

Hog Trough: Cargo Compt Overhead Rack

Pork Cop Fitting: Attaches Floor to sidewall panels

Rainbow Fitting: Center wing to Outer Wing attach

Honey Bucket: Fixed urinal

Horse Collar: Hinged Panel just aft of engine on top of wing

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