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What Non-Herks did you maintain?

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As a Nav-Aids weenie I got to see a variety of airframes during my career. Besides the Herks at Pope (and TDY HCs at Kef) here is what and where:

KC and EC-135s Grissom

KCs Fairford and Castle

B-52G and H Castle

C-131/T-29, O-2 Pope

F-4C, F-4E & T-33 Keflavik

HH-3s (TDY) Keflavik

RF-4C Bergstrom and Zweibrucken

T-39 Bergstrom

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C130B/E/H & L100 - South African Air Force, SAFAIR, Royal Saudi Air Force

C160Z TransAll - South African Air Force

Aermacchi MB326M & KC - South African Air Force

Mirage IIIBZ & CZ - South African Air Force

English Electric Canberra (B57) - South African Air Force

Boeing 727, 737 & MD80 - SAFAIR

Boeing 727, 737 - INTERAIR

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