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Checking in!

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HI Bob,

Casey is going to load the avatars into this system. Man, that guy is a glutton for work. (Thank God) I never heard of this system before but it seems to be the easiest one that I\'ve ever used. It\'s really user friendly. I hope more of the Bats come over and use it.


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Hey Casey, seems mine and everyones profile has been dumped. Appears they can\'t be reloaded....or am I missing somthing?:huh::unsure: Bill Update!! OK OK I found the so called lost profiles. Yesterday I could see members profiles just by clicking on their picture. I see now you have to do that and then click on the Additional Info tab. :blink: :blink:

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Yes, bio\'s etc are under the additional info tab. Also notice that you can send private messages via the profile page. I have moved the additional info tab to the front. It will now be immediately visible when a profile is viewed.


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